Liouhe Night Market

Distance 2.7 Km,Driving time 11 Minute

Liuhe Night Market is Kaohsiung's oldest, most typical night market. When night falls, Liuhe(Liuho) Street, close to the traffic of the city center, changes into a culinary heaven given over to pedestrians, encompassing all of the port city of Kaohsiung's most characterful, trademark cuisine; and innovative international cuisine has also added an international tint to Liuhe Night Market. The Market won five awards in the ROC Tourism Bureau's 2010 Unique Night Market Selection Activity: “Most Civilized”, “Most Environmentally-Friendly”, “Friendliest”, “most Charming”, and “Most Stroll-Friendly”. It cannot be missed if you want to experience Taiwan's unique night market culture!

Source:Kaohsiung Travel
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